hondjeThe French decor of space and nature, Chez la Fontaine wants her guests to enjoy life in the Normandy countryside. Housed in one of the cozy cottages, or even in a tent for a free spot in the apple orchard, acquires a new dimension to calm himself. That peace has an important place at Chez la Fontaine. Host Rob prepares for his guests to tasty and healthy meals. Which are served in the cowshed on the terrace or in the courtyard. Regularly organized. A nice barbecue
Inside and outside the walls of Chez la Fontaine is also plenty of space for sports and games. The depot is a table tennis table prepared. They can also be played basketball and there is even an archery range. Both inside and outside there is an opportunity to keep up with the traditional ball game 'Petangue', known popularly as Petanque you busy

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